How rich is Turki Al Sheikh? His Royal Highness, and one of the most prominent ministers and government officials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in general. Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh used to appear permanently in all forums in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, in addition to his charitable contributions in various fields, and his appearance through the media. And social networking sites and his constant interaction with his followers, and other activities made him the focus of attention of tens of thousands around the world, and also made him one of the most searched people through search engines, and one of the most questions that preoccupied followers with those related to By the wealth of Turki Al SheikhAnd about this, we will discuss through this article submitted by the reference website, and we will talk about all the details and information available about it as well.

Who is Turki Al-Sheikh on Wikipedia?

He is Turki bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdul Latif Al Sheikh, advisor in the Saudi Royal Court, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment, and many other positions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was born in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on August 4, 1981 AD. One of the most prominent government figures on the Saudi and Arab arena, in recent years, as he is considered a beacon of activity and ideas, in addition to his various achievements and contributions in most Arab countries, especially the Arab Republic of Egypt. However, his biography and achievements on the ground made him one of the famous Arabs, and his name was echoed throughout.

During the past years, Turki Al-Sheikh held many governmental and honorary positions in the Kingdom, in addition to his achievements, his contributions in all fields, in addition to the competitions he sponsored, drew the attention of the press and the public towards his wealth and sources. In the following lines, we will answer this question.[1]

How rich is Turki Al Sheikh?

How rich is Turki Al Sheikh?

Turki Al-Sheikh’s fortune is Approximately 2.8 billion US dollars, according to many sources, most notably the Feral website, which is interested in financial and statistical affairs, and this wealth is a huge amount, and this is highlighted by the large spending and spending that the Saudi advisor, Turki Al-Sheikh, pays in various fields and countries, where Al-Sheikh spends generously on many charitable societies, and the Dozens of material competitions under his auspices in Egypt and other countries, in addition to his purchase of Arab and international institutions and clubs, where the value of his spending on the purchase of the Egyptian football club Pyramids (formerly Al-Assiouti) is more than one billion dollars, and he is the current president of the Spanish club Almeria and other institutions. In addition to establishing the Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al Sheikh Charitable Foundation, the huge amount of spending that Turki Al Sheikh spends in all fields highlights the extent of his huge wealth.

Who is the wife of Turki Al Sheikh?

Sources of wealth Turki Al Sheikh

The sources of the fortune of Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh are attributed to many sources, most notably the vital jobs he held within the pillars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he moved between more than one position within several Saudi government sectors, such as (the Saudi Ministry of Interior, the Emirate of Riyadh, the Office of the Minister of Defense and the Crown Prince, Court of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques), in addition to the sources of his family wealth. Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh is one of the sons of the largest families and dynasties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Al-Sheikh family includes many great names and statures in Saudi Arabia.

Turki Al-Sheikh’s scientific and practical life

Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh was born in Riyadh on August 4, 1981 AD, and studied in his primary, intermediate and even secondary stages within the Kingdom’s schools, then joined King Fahd Security College, from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in security sciences in 2000 AD, and received many courses and training The process is in criminology, risk management, investigation and management, and he began his work in the Saudi government sector by working in the Saudi Ministry of Interior, where he rose in positions to the rank of captain, before he moved to work in the Emirate of Riyadh for two years, then was appointed to the office of the governor of the Riyadh region, after which he moved to work In the office of the Minister of Defense and the Court of the Saudi Crown Prince for a period of three years, which he continued until 2015, when he was appointed as an advisor to the Royal Court, after which he assumed many other positions within the Kingdom.

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The most prominent positions of Turki Al-Sheikh

We have mentioned that Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, although he took only a few steps, during his fortieth decade, he assumed a large number of positions and was assigned significant tasks inside and outside the Kingdom, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • A current advisor at the Saudi Royal Court with the rank of minister.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom.
  • The former president of the Arab Football Association.
  • Head of the Sports Federation of Islamic Solidarity Games.
  • He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Sports Authority in Saudi Arabia.
  • President of the Olympic Committee in Saudi Arabia.
  • Honorary President of the Cooperation Club in Buraydah.
  • Honorary President and Chairman of the Honorary Members Committee of the Saudi Al-Wahda Club in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
  • President and former owner of the Egyptian club Pyramids (Al-Ahram).
  • The former honorary president of Al-Ahly Club of Egypt.
  • Honorary President of the Sudanese Crescent Club.
  • The owner of the Spanish football club, UD Almería, and its largest shareholder since 2019, replaced Alfonso García and appointed Mohamed Al-Asi as the club’s general manager.

How rich is Turki Al Sheikh?

How old is Turki Al Sheikh?

The age of the Saudi advisor, Turki Al-Sheikh, is forty years old. He was born on August 4, 1981 AD. Despite his young age, there are many tasks and positions that Turki Al-Sheikh has received, which made his name resonate in all parts of the Saudi and Arab fields, and made him one of the most prominent Arab names and leaders in various fields. Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh held positions in all fields, including security, sports, entertainment, government, advisory, and others.

Who is the wife of Turki Al Sheikh and his children?

The Saudi advisor, Turki Al-Sheikh, is married to the daughter of the daughter of the Saudi Deputy Minister of Interior, Dr. Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Daoud, in 2009 AD. The wedding ceremony was held in the Grand Celebrations Palace in the Saudi capital, Riyadh at the time. The sons of Turki Al-Sheikh from the daughter of Dr. Nasser Al-Daoud are:

  • Nasser Turki Al Sheikh.
  • Mohammed Turki Al Sheikh.
  • Salman Turki Al Sheikh.

A while ago, rumors were raised about Turki Al-Sheikh’s marriage to the Egyptian singer Amal Maher, before Maher went out and denied these rumors, and denied any relationship she had with Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, and these rumors were repeated after the Egyptian singer filed a lawsuit against Al-Sheikh, accusing him of it. By assaulting her in front of her house, before the problem was resolved and things returned to normal.

Turki Al Sheikh Biography

  • Full name: Turki bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdul Latif Al Sheikh.
  • Nickname: Turki Al-Sheikh (Abu Nasser).
  • Place of birth: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • date of birth: August 4, 1981 AD.
  • residence: Riyadh.
  • Nationality: Saudi.
  • Religion: Muslim.
  • Occupation: A Saudi businessman and royal advisor with the rank of minister.
  • Social status: Married.
  • Degree: Bachelor of Security Sciences.
  • Hand graduation: King Fahd Security College.
  • number of children: Three males (Nasser, Mohammed, Salman).
  • current position: Royal Adviser, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority.

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Turki Al Sheikh Awards and Honors

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh was awarded for his giving and contributions in various fields with several awards and honors, most notably the following:

  • 2017 AD: He won the award for the most influential person in football, at the 12th Dubai International Sports Conference.
  • 2017 AD: He won the Sports Culture Personality Award in the Arab World.
  • 2018 AD: He won the 2018 Arab Sports Personality Award for the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Sports Creativity.
  • 2021 AD: The King Abdulaziz Sash, second layer, was copied by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on May 4th.

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Publications of Turki Al Sheikh poetry

In addition to his achievements and his distinguished professional and practical career, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh is considered one of the contemporary Arab poets and has many poetic and short writings, in addition to patriotic poems, and the great Arab singers from different countries sang to him and the most prominent of those who sang to him:

  • Mohamed Abdu.
  • Kazem Al-saher.
  • Majed El Mohandes.
  • Abd Almejeed Abdallah.
  • Rabeh Saqr.
  • Amal maher.
  • melodies.
  • Amr diab, Where he wrote the words of (the sweetest thing, the most beautiful eyes, you are all my life).

He published a book of poetry in print, and he has a modern novel in the markets under the name Cello, which was turned into a movie.

Turki Al-Sheikh disease

Many speculations have been raised about the nature of Turki Al-Sheikh’s illness, in recent years, following a tweet to him on the Twitter platform through his official account, which is followed by millions, where he tweeted in August 2019 and asked his followers to forgive him for his shortcomings and forgive any mistake he made. And he also said that his only goal was to please the hearts of everyone, and after his absence for a while, he published another tweet in which he praised and praised God, and in which he also expressed his joy at his return to the homeland again, and a large group of senior officials and artists of the Arab world expressed their wishes to the Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh is recovering, and according to some sources close to the Al-Sheikh family about the nature of his illness, he said that Turki Al-Sheikh traveled to Europe to perform a dangerous surgery, as he was suffering from intermittent bleeding and a tumor in the head in one of the sensitive areas of the brain.

How rich is Turki Al Sheikh?

The accounts of the social networking sites of Turki Al-Sheikh

His Highness, the Saudi royal advisor and head of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, enjoys a huge following on most social networking sites, where Al-Sheikh is keen to manage his various accounts himself and constantly interacts with his followers and the audience, which is estimated in millions through various accounts, and from time to time he publishes competitions Various prizes worth more than millions, which highlights the amount of Turki Al Sheikh’s huge wealth, and increases searches for how much Turki Al Sheikh’s wealth is. The most prominent official accounts of Turki Al Sheikh are:

Twitter Turki Al Sheikh

The number of Al Sheikh’s followers and audience, through his official and documented account on the Twitter platform, is more than five million three hundred thousand followers, and Twitter is the official platform, and the official account for any official reports or statements issued by Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh, and you can follow this account via the following link directly “from hereOr by searching for the following account (@Turki_alalshikh).

Facebook Turki Al Sheikh

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh’s followers on Facebook exceed more than eleven million followers and he also publishes all his news. The account also covers news of the General Entertainment Authority headed by Turki Al-Sheikh, and you can follow this account via this link “from here”.

Instagram Turki Al Sheikh

The account of Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh enjoys a large following on the Instagram platform, as the number of his followers exceeds 4 million and four hundred thousand followers, and he publishes photos of all his tours and his private photos in various forums, and you can follow this account “from here”, or by searching for the account the following (turkialalshik).

And at the end of an article How rich is Turki Al Sheikh? During which we talked about the biography of Turki Al-Sheikh, and we answered about the amount of Turki Al-Sheikh’s wealth and the sources of that wealth, how much we touched on his education and practical experience in various fields, and mentioned the most prominent positions he held, and we talked about his marriage and children, and we also talked about the nature of his illness and in the end we provided all the links Personal accounts on social media.