Symptoms of pregnancy with twins from the first week, We may find that childbearing is one of the most important goals that every married woman desires and desires, as it is a transitional stage for all family members, and it is the first and primary goal of marriage for both the husband and wife, and it is worth mentioning here that pregnancy has specific symptoms that indicate the possibility of its occurrence. In addition, twin pregnancy has symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of normal pregnancy, and in response to that and through the reference site, an explanation of the symptoms of twin pregnancy from the first week will be reviewed, and the types of pregnancy will be addressed, side by side, the response will be asked about an answer Question in what month do I know that I am pregnant with twins?

Pregnant woman and pregnancy with twins

Each pregnancy has its own connotations and signs that distinguish it from others, whether this pregnancy is with twins, male or female, and it should be noted here that it is possible to know pregnancy with twins during the first months of pregnancy, despite the overlap of the signs of pregnancy with one child with pregnancy with a number of fetuses, but it There are some early signs that confirm to a large extent the possibility of a twin pregnancy. In this regard, a twin pregnancy can be clarified as a woman’s pregnancy with more than one fetus. In addition, we find that a multiple pregnancy is divided into two parts, the first of which is, fraternal twin It is the one in which two sperms fertilize two eggs at the same time, and the other type is known as identical twin It is the result of the division of a single egg after fertilization by a single sperm.

Pregnant woman and pregnancy with twins

Symptoms of pregnancy with twins from the first week

When pregnancy takes place, a woman feels some symptoms that occur as a result of hormonal changes that occur in her body. We find that the symptoms of pregnancy are the same, not to mention if this pregnancy is with a child or more, but they are more pronounced in twins, and appear earlier than usual in a normal pregnancy, As a result, an explanation of some of these signs can be addressed as follows:[1][2]

  • Pregnancy hormone level: The level of the pregnancy hormone increases in the case of a twin pregnancy, but it is in the normal range as well. This can be known by measuring the percentage of this hormone through a blood or urine test after ten days of conception.
  • Early fetal movement: One of the indications of a pregnancy with twins is the woman’s feeling of the movement of the fetus inside the placenta earlier than usual in a normal pregnancy.
  • Fetal heartbeat: We may find that the doctor can detect the pregnancy of twins during the first three months of pregnancy, by hearing more than one heartbeat through the work of Doppler or sound waves and confirming the pregnancy of twins.
  • Uterine dilatation: In the case of a twin pregnancy, the expansion and height of the uterus increases in preparation for the number of fetuses, where the specialist doctor follows up on the case by measuring the height of the uterus throughout the pregnancy, so when the depth of the uterus expands beyond the known limit in pregnancy with one fetus, the doctor makes sure that it is a twin pregnancy.
  • Varicose veins: The fetuses need more blood flow to complete their healthy development, which increases pressure on the veins of the blood vessels, leading to the appearance of varicose veins in the legs.
  • Frequent urination: The pressure and load on the bladder increases for a woman who is pregnant with twins than for a pregnant woman with one child, resulting in an increased need for women to urinate and go to the toilet more.
  • Pregnancy weight gain: The weight of a pregnant woman with two children is noticeably increased during the first months of pregnancy, as a result of meeting the nutritional requirements of more than one fetus.
  • Increased appetite and desire to eat: A pregnant woman with twins feels very hungry and wants to eat a lot of food, in order to compensate for the nutrients that the two children need for growth.
  • Fatigue The pregnant female with two children always feels tired and exhausted during the first periods of pregnancy, as a result of carrying more than one child inside her.
  • nausea: It is common among women that pregnant women usually feel nauseous, especially in the morning, but this feeling intensifies in pregnancy with more than one fetus.
  • Severe breast pain Among these signs is also an increase in pain in the nipples during the fourth and fifth weeks of pregnancy with twins and increases by the sixth week, in addition to a change in color and its transformation into a darker color, as a result of hormonal changes that occurred during pregnancy.
  • Depression and mood swings: One of the early signs of a pregnancy with twins is increased feelings of depression, anxiety and mood instability for the woman.
  • Back pain: One of the most important symptoms of twin pregnancy is severe lower back pain, which occurs as a result of weight gain, hormonal imbalance and enlarged uterus of the pregnant woman.
  • Maternal instinct: One of the most important signs that cannot be ignored is the feeling of the female about what is happening inside her and what she dreams about. Dreams and intuition are among the important symptoms that indicate a twin pregnancy.
  • Heartburn This happens to a pregnant woman as a result of the enlargement of the uterus, which in turn puts pressure on the stomach.
  • shortness of breath: It is one of the advanced stages of pregnancy due to the rise in the hormone progesterone, and the increase in the size of the twins and their pressure on the diaphragm causes shortness of breath.
  • digestion dysfunction: Where pregnant with twins suffer from some symptoms such as constipation and gas.
  • Anemia: The blood volume of a pregnant woman increases and becomes diluted as a result of it containing fewer red blood cells that carry oxygen. It is necessary to adhere to eating iron-rich foods, as well as nutritional supplements to avoid disease.
  • Insomnia and lack of sleep: It may occur as a result of some symptoms that you feel such as back pain, nausea and indigestion, and to avoid this, it is preferable to sleep on one side with a pillow between the legs.
  • Problems related to pressure on blood vessels: Such as hemorrhoids and bladder disorders.
  • Mild or moderate tingling: The pregnant woman may feel some slight tingling as a result of the implantation of the egg in the uterus in early pregnancy.

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One of the symptoms that cannot be overlooked at the beginning of pregnancy, which indicates the presence of a twin pregnancy is the pregnant woman feeling severe pain in the abdomen, and this occurs as a result of the presence of two children in two different sacs in the womb, as well as due to the height of the uterus in order to accommodate the fetuses, and the pregnant woman feels permanent drowsiness and exhaustion Lethargy, especially in the first months.

Signs of pregnancy with twins

Who are the women most likely to increase the chances of conceiving twins?

The nature and physiology of women is different, each one of them from the other, as we find that some of them are more likely to have multiple pregnancies with more than one child than others, and this is due to a group of factors or several reasons, including the following:

  • A woman who has been IVF or IVF.
  • Pregnant women with a genetic history of multiple pregnancies.
  • Women over the age of thirty are more likely than others to conceive twins.
  • A pregnant woman who has had twins before.
  • A woman whose weight exceeds the usual limit by more than 25 kilograms.
  • Pregnant women who are above the average height.

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In what month do I know that I am pregnant with twins?

There are many ways to know whether or not pregnancy is possible. It is possible to know a twin pregnancy during the third or fourth month of pregnancy, that is, the period between the tenth and fourteenth week, and in some cases it can also be known in periods prior to this as well, but there is a way A certain one is used to detect pregnancy with twins with certainty, which is by examining the pregnant woman using ultrasound technology or what is known as sonar, through which high-frequency waves are issued, drawing a picture of the organs, tissues and blood vessels of the fetus, and despite that There are some rare cases in which it is difficult to determine the number of fetuses inside the mother’s womb. It should be noted here that the ultrasound is done in one of two ways, either through the abdomen, which is most used during the follow-up months of pregnancy, or through the vaginal ultrasound and is used in the first months because it is the most accurate.

What are the ways to detect pregnancy with twins?

Although the only way to confirm the presence of more than one child is by ultrasound, there are many ways to detect a pregnancy with twins after the emergence of some indications that indicate its occurrence, which can be shown in the following:[3]

Knowing the pregnancy of twins by the shape of the abdomen

Although the appearance of a noticeable change in the shape of the abdomen during the first months indicates pregnancy, especially through a CT scan, a woman can know this after the end of the third month of pregnancy, as the abdomen begins to appear and change its shape and size significantly, and here it is a hunch The mother has an important role to play in making sure that what is inside her is more of a child or a mother, as the high growth of fetuses during this period may lead to an increase in the size of the abdomen from the usual and usual form in a normal pregnancy.

Find out if you are pregnant with twins through home analysis

The home analysis is used to find out if there is a pregnancy or not, but the home analysis cannot detect the presence of twins or not, as the ultrasound is the only way by which to confirm the pregnancy of twins.

Finding out about twin pregnancy through digital analysis

It is one of the methods used to detect pregnancy in general and pregnancy with twins in a specific way, as it is considered one of the most accurate ways by which it is possible to confirm pregnancy, and this analysis can be performed after the first day of menopause, and its results are confirmed and correct.

Finding out pregnancy with twins through ultrasound

When the female feels the symptoms of pregnancy, she must visit the doctor to ensure the health of the placenta as well as the pregnancy, whether it is twins or not. It appears as empty bags until the sixth week, so we find that the best time to confirm pregnancy with twins is during the tenth to thirteenth week of pregnancy, when the fetus’s heartbeat can be heard clearly.

Knowing that you are pregnant with twins through pregnancy hormone

During a normal pregnancy, there is a recognized normal ratio of the pregnancy hormone, which ranges between 70-750 µm/ml, through which it is possible to detect a pregnancy with twins. Pregnancy, if the pregnancy hormone in the blood is more than 25 units/ml, it is an indication of pregnancy and vice versa.

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Other ways to detect a twin pregnancy

After mentioning the previous methods for detecting the presence of twins or not, there are other methods as well to ensure the presence of a number of fetuses, including the following:

Urine and blood test to find out if you are pregnant with twins

One of the most used methods for detecting pregnancy is urinalysis, and it is done a few days before the absence of the menstrual cycle, where the dark line indicates the presence of a pregnancy with the possibility that it is twins, but it cannot be relied upon with certainty, it may be dark color due to not drinking enough of water during this period, as well as blood analysis that is conducted by measuring the level of the pregnancy hormone, which is secreted in the urine and blood of the pregnant woman ten days after conception, where high levels of it indicate pregnancy and their increase indicates pregnancy with twins, but it is also from Tests that cannot be relied upon to confirm pregnancy with twins for several reasons, including that the percentage varies from one woman to another, and it can also rise for other reasons such as molar pregnancy, etc., and as a result, both blood and urine analyzes cannot be relied upon with certainty in detecting Twin pregnancy, due to inaccuracy in the results.

Alpha-fetoprotein test

This analysis monitors the levels of one of the proteins secreted from the fetus’s liver in the mother’s blood. It is called alpha-feto, abbreviated AFP. It is conducted between the fourth month and the end of the sixth month, i.e. the second trimester of pregnancy, when high percentages of it cross into the presence of twins.

Doppler echocardiography

It is performed in the late first trimester of pregnancy, which is the period that includes the first day of the last menstrual period until the twelfth week of pregnancy, where this method is done by amplifying the size of the fetal heartbeat so that the doctor can hear it and distinguish it from the mother’s heartbeat. There is more than one pulse that indicates the presence of a twin, but it is not a sure way to detect a twin, as the doctor may confuse the pulse sound of one fetus by hearing it on the other hand, so he thinks that it is more than one fetus.

The shape of the nipples at the beginning of pregnancy with pictures

Types of Pregnancy with Twins

There are many forms of twin pregnancy, in which the shape and shape of the fetuses in the female’s womb differ. When a multiple pregnancy occurs, it can take place with more than one type of fetus, and the following will be presented to the types of twin pregnancy, namely:

  • Conjoined twin: Which happens in rare cases and the fetuses need a separation process.
  • Monoplacental Monocystic Twin: In which the twins share a placenta and one gestational sac.
  • Monoplacental Twin Separating Cysts: In which the twins are identical, and together they share the same placenta, but each of them has a separate gestational sac.
  • Placental twins or different twins: In this type of pregnancy, each fetus has a separate placenta from the other, as well as each of them has its own gestational sac.

At the conclusion of this article, it will be addressed to Clarify the symptoms of pregnancy with twins from the first weekThe light was also shed on knowing the signs of pregnancy with twins, in addition to addressing how to detect pregnancy in more than one way, and finally, an explanation of who is the most group of women who are at risk or have greater chances of being pregnant with twins.