that How to return to military service 1443 It is one of the important things that all military personnel must know, as the military service systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are based on a wide number of rules and articles on which the public order is based, and those rules are updated in line with achieving the best desired results from those military institutions. It is spread throughout the country, and through the reference website, visitors can find an answer to when the military is dismissed from his job in Saudi Arabia and at Conditions for returning those dismissed from military service 1443 and the method of reinstatement of military service.

Military Personnel System in Saudi Arabia 1443

The Military Personnel System is an integrated set of rules and regulations related to organizing the work of employees working in the Saudi sectors in the military system. The articles that came in this system are based on arranging all matters and details that deal with the employee’s military life, and those rules are updated and modified. In line with achieving the best and best results at the general level, and for the benefit of the military institutions and the employee at the same time, as these articles also detail the provisions and requirements for appointment and acceptance of jobs and cases of dismissal of the military from his work and all other matters that would organize public life For the relationship of institutions with society, in addition to organizing the financial schedules and arranging the annual bonus and monthly salary for the military in all sectors and tracks in which he works. These materials made it possible to learn about the controls for promotions, accrued vacations and penalties, and the conditions for returning dismissed military personnel as well.

Reasons for ending military service in Saudi Arabia 1443

The rules of the military personnel service system noted the cases of dismissal of the military from his work, which came within specific paragraphs that do not allow any other penalties, namely:[1]

  • The military is liable to dismissal if he stops working for seven days without informing the command with a prior excuse, or if he has been absent from work for thirty days during the year preceding the issuance of the decision.
  • The military is dismissed from his job if he exceeds the permitted period of leave by more than thirty days, and returning the military individual to his service does not prevent him from being subjected to a military trial for his confirmed absence.
  • The military is dismissed in the event that one of the Sharia rulings or legal rulings is imprisoned for a period exceeding one year, and if he is convicted of one of the crimes that violate honor or the general secretariat after it is issued by an official decision to the relevant authority.
  • In the event that the soldier was lost during the battle, and that would be after the soldier’s absence for a period of six months from the date of the loss, in the event that the authorities or anyone was not able to decide his life or death decision, provided that the authorities continue to pay his personal salary of the same value to his family, with the expiry of Military services and classification within the category of martyr’s entitlements in accordance with the military retirement systems.
    • This clause has been detailed, provided that the actual military salary is paid to his family for a period of six months, until the end of his services, after which all his rights under the provisions of the military law will be liquidated as he has died.
  • In the event that the condition of medical fitness is lost, and it is proven that the military is medically incapable of positively performing the tasks required of him.
  • In the event that the military unit or the various party deems that it is capable of dispensing with the services of the military based on the requirements of work and the public interest.
  • The military is dismissed from his job if he retires, whether by personal request or by fulfilling the age requirement and so on.
  • A soldier is dismissed from military service in all military work streams, if he loses Saudi citizenship for any other reason.
  • In the event that the military personnel were exposed to death, whether from natural causes or in the event that he was subjected to a certificate.

Military Terms for Men 1443

Military service application form

The military service re-request form is one of the things and paths that the military wishing to return to service must follow. It is based on writing a letter of requesting re-service military service and attaching it to the competent and responsible authorities for approval. The following form can be followed:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Mr. Director-General /

A salute of appreciation and homage to your Excellency.

I am the military………. I work in the field of ………. under the leadership of Mr.

I was absent from work for a long time, which resulted in my dismissal from the service, but this absence was for a reason beyond my control already.

My mother suffered a great health problem and lost consciousness for a long time and had to stay by her side the whole time. I am the only son among my brothers who is able to do so, due to their young age, and I have attached to this letter all the official documents that confirm the situation that forced me to do so. I am satisfied with the decree and wisdom of God, and I look forward to your pardon so that I may be returned to the work that I love and desire so much.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Conditions for accepting women in the military 1443

Crimes that lead to the termination of military service 1443

The military must be the most committed person to the laws, because the military life is the main body in its application and care, and the military leadership, according to the rules in force, has noted a number of crimes that would separate the military, as follows:

  • In the event that the military person abuses his military position and the power accompanying it in corruption.
  • In the event that the military abuses the administration required of him, and is not responsible.
  • In the event that the military person was implicated in any of the embezzlement and desertion acts.
  • A soldier is dismissed from his job if he builds on military equipment without the command’s permission to do any work.
  • In the event that the military person commits the crime of bribery or forgery.
  • In cases where the military makes false accusations.
  • In the event that the perjury of the military is proven.
  • When the military clearly neglects his military duties and without prior excuse.
  • When the military leaves his workplace without justifying it with an official excuse for the leadership previously.
  • In the event that the military individual attacks the princes or any of his comrades in military service.
  • A soldier is dismissed if he commits any of the acts that violate his military rank and affect his dignity and the dignity of the military apparatus.
  • Cases in which a military person obtains military decorations without a prior right.
  • In cases where the military attacks the armed forces or one of the official Saudi government officials.
  • In the event that the military person engages in improper personal behavior at work.
  • The military person shall be dismissed in cases where it is evident that the military has neglected the military service.
  • In the event that the military violates the instructions he received.

How much is left on the military salary 1443

How to return to military service 1443

A soldier who has been dismissed from military service for reasons explained in the regulations governing work paths for individuals may return to service in one of the following ways:

By submitting an offer to return the service

The steps for restoring military service can be done by submitting an offer to restore service and submitting it to the concerned authorities after attaching all the new identification papers that show the condition of the military that led to falling into the item that was the reason for dismissal from service, as the competent authorities look into this letter. Detailing it and evaluating the situation if it is worth returning and accepting the excuses or continuing the dismissal decision, provided that the military fulfills a number of the most important conditions for returning to service, which are:

  • It is important for the soldier to have good morals and a good conduct, accompanied by good behavior, and that the offense he committed is not repeated a number of times.
    • Or that the absence from work is for force majeure reasons, which are explained in detail.
  • The military’s criminal record must be clean and not contain any of the previous crimes or sentences.
  • That he meet all the special conditions and be eligible to perform military service again.

Submit an electronic request to return to military service 1443

A soldier who has been dismissed on the basis of a court decision can submit what is known as a petition or requests for reconsideration, which take place through a series of important steps, namely:[2]

  • Enter the link to the official website of the unified national access portal directly “from here”.
    • Enter the username in the field provided and the password in the other field.
    • Click on login to the site.
  • Entering the cases, then we choose (the petition and reconsideration) from the options of the cases presented.
  • Entering the issue related to the person concerned, after researching well and accurately.
  • Submit a request for reconsideration and attach personal documents that help.

Conditions for return to military service 1443

Within the paragraphs of the articles and regulations regulating the service of the military individual, the military authorities stated a number of conditions that the dismissed soldier must fulfill in order to be eligible to return to service again, and they came as follows:

  • The military individual may be returned to his service, if the need arises for his presence, provided that he is below the age of referral to retirement, at least two years in the future.
  • A soldier who is returned to service after dismissal is required to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hold the nationality of the Kingdom, and he has previously been raised there, as those who grew up with one of his parents abroad while performing a state job will be exempted from returning to military service after dismissal.
  • It should be the first time that a military individual is subject to dismissal, as the rules indicated that they will not return a soldier who has been dismissed from service more than twice based on paragraph (f) of Article (59).

Prohibitions for Military Personnel in Saudi Arabia

Military personnel must abide by the rules mentioned in the military service system, as falling into these prohibitions leads to dismissal from service, exposure to military trial, and other important matters. The most prominent of these prohibitions are as follows:

  • A military person in Saudi Arabia may not marry a foreign woman.
  • Military personnel working in any of the Saudi military sectors may not undertake any of the political actions and activities, including expressing political opinions, entering into any of the political organizations or groups, participating in meetings, and so on.
  • It is important for the military individual to avoid engaging in commercial activities in the country as long as he is in the military forces.
  • The military individual must not keep any of the official private papers or documents that they see due to the nature of their work, with the exception of papers that belong to the military, unless they are classified papers that should not be viewed.
  • Disclosing military secrets is one of the most serious crimes that are prohibited for the military, as it is obligatory not to disclose any of the official secrets to the military authorities or to persons in military positions, and to continue to conceal such information even after dismissal from service.
  • A soldier who has completed his military services in any of the Saudi military services may not serve in any foreign military service, unless he obtains a permit directly from the Minister of Defense.
  • It is not permissible for individual military personnel to establish companies or participate in that work, nor accept an administrative occasion as the board of directors of a company.
  • Military personnel are prohibited from taking any actions that would criticize the government for something in the media, whether inside or outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Military personnel shall not accept gifts, grants, or the like that would affect their military employment.

Here we bring you to the end of the article we covered How to return to military service 1443 And we moved with its paragraphs and lines so that the reader would have become acquainted with the military service system for individuals, and a wide range of rules for returning a military individual to service.