that Public Security Jobs for Women 1443 Terms, Requirements and Link It is what we will talk about through the next few paragraphs and lines, as it is considered one of the most prominent military institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is based on a wide number of sensitive tasks that have an active role in protecting people and maintaining the state of civil peace among all, and this body is keen to open The door to acceptance in a number of jobs, and the reference website sheds light on the answer to when the introduction of General Security will open 1443 and on women’s public security jobs for the year 1443.

Public Security in Saudi Arabia 1443

The Public Security Institution is one of the effective security institutions that follow the formations of the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is based on a wide number of sensitive tasks through which it exercises the most important role in combating crime and protecting sanctities, lives and public and private property, in addition to clear fingerprints in ensuring the safety of pilgrims. The Sacred House of God during those blessed seasons, to organize the pilgrimage rituals and ensure their observance in the best way possible, and it can be considered one of the most prominent and deepest security agencies in the Saudi memory, where His Majesty the founding King Abdulaziz Al Saud – may God rest his soul – worked on its establishment as soon as the pillars were consolidated The rule in the country since the year (1343 AH) was in the form of a police directorate in Mecca and other cities in the Kingdom, which is directly related to the Viceroy, until the issuance of the decision that provided for the unification of all directorates under a unified leadership in Mecca, to be later transformed into The Public Security Directorate, to which a number of departments are affiliated, as follows:[1]

  • Criminal administration.
  • Traffic Corporation.
  • Organization management.
  • Supply management.
  • Rescue Foundation.
  • Training Administration.
  • Shooting training field.
  • Department of Personnel Affairs or Department of Human Resources.
  • Public Relations Division.
  • Security forces are like Hajj forces.
  • Schools and institutes for training.

Public Security Jobs for Women 1443

The positions of public security for women came with the rank of soldier in one of the institutions affiliated with that distinguished security apparatus, and these positions vary according to the special qualification held by the woman wishing to be employed and join this distinguished military field. The first about the employment of women applicants came in the year 2018 AD, based on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in a process of reform and comprehensive change of a wide number of visions, based on the openness plan on which the 2030 rules were based, to improve the country’s image externally, attract investments and open the doors of work for all. The General Administration of Admission in the Ministry of Interior has opened the door for registration for women’s public security positions with the rank of soldier in one of the work streams that follow that security agency, based on a number of basic conditions that we will mention.

Conditions for applying to the National Guard

Requirements for admission to public security jobs 1443

The General Administration of Admission in the Saudi Ministry of Interior stated a number of important conditions that those wishing to join its ranks must pass through, which stipulated the following:

  • The applicant for employment must be a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hold the nationality of the country.
    • The applicant must be one of the people who grew up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provided that those who grew up with one of their relatives abroad will be excluded while he was performing a job for the benefit of the state.
  • It is very important that at least a high school diploma be achieved for all applicants.
    • This certificate must be officially attested by the official authorities in the ministry, if it is from a third party.
  • The applicant must be of good standing and reputation, provided that this is translated as follows:
    • Possession of a clean criminal record free of any legal or legal limitation, of a crime that violates honor or public trust.
  • It is necessary for the applicant to fulfill the ideal age requirement for admission, which is no more than 40 years and not less than 17 years.
  • It is required that the condition of proportionality between height and weight be fulfilled, in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the tables in force in the Ministry of Interior.
  • It is important that the applicant is not affiliated with any of the other government jobs that work in the military or other system.
  • It is stipulated that the applicant should not have previously been subjected to any expulsion from military colleges or institutes.
  • The applicant for employment must not be married to a foreign woman. Only single men and women married to a foreigner are accepted.
  • Successfully pass all medical and job-related tests.

Link to apply for Ministry of Defense jobs 1443

Requirements for admission to public security positions for women 1443

A number of important requirements and criteria have been adopted in accepting applications for employment of women in the ranks of the Saudi Public Security, and these matters came with specific criteria, namely:

  • It is essential that the woman be of origin and origin in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • A woman is specifically required to be married to a Saudi citizen if she is not single.
  • Fulfilling the condition of the ideal age for submission, which is that the age of the applicant shall not be less than (25) years and not more than (35) years.
  • It is required to have at least a general secondary school certificate from a Saudi educational institution.
    • It must be based on the authentication of that certificate if it is from an external party.
  • You are required to be of good standing and reputation, and to have a criminal record free of any judgment with a legal or legal limit, for a crime against morals, honor or honesty.
  • Women must pass all entrance exams.
  • It is important that you are not employed in any of the other government agencies.
  • It is required that you have not been subjected to any previous dismissal from any of the military colleges or universities.

What are the duties of the jobs in Public Security 1443

There are many jobs performed by Saudi public security workers, as this institution is based on a wide number of departments that handle various security matters in the country, and they are explained in the following:

  • Work to maintain security and safety and combat crime by individuals and organizations.
  • Protect lives and public and private property throughout the country, and work to establish a state of civil peace.
  • These authorities work to prevent crimes and take the initiative to control any crime before it is committed.
  • It is responsible for achieving the appropriate security coverage to confront crimes inside the Kingdom.
  • The initiative to confront acts of chaos, violence and extremism throughout the country, in all regions.
  • It participates with the security services in providing adequate security protection for government facilities and other institutions that need that.
  • Achieving a state of security and safety throughout the country, for the benefit of all.
  • The components of this security apparatus are combating and confronting all terrorist formations and working to prevent the execution of their crimes with the least possible losses.
  • Prosecuting the perpetrators of crimes, whether individually or collectively, and handing them over to justice so that the appropriate sentence is carried out against them.
  • Supporting the rest of the security services in their work to achieve and ensure a state of civil peace among all.
  • Working to secure the protection of pilgrims and pilgrims during the performance of these distinctive religious rituals.

Method of registration and admission to Public Security 1443

Those wishing to apply to join the General Security or any of the training courses sponsored by the Foundation can follow a number of steps that take place electronically as follows:[2]

  • Go to the Absher platform for employment directly “from here”.
  • Clicking on the “Available Jobs” option from the site’s options.
  • Selecting an option (a soldier’s job in the Public Security Institution) in case the period coincides with the opening of the door for admission.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions box after reading it carefully.
  • Click on the “Submit Request” tab.
  • Write all the personal data that is requested in the fields designated for this, including:
  • ID number, date of birth, gender, marital status, father’s ID number, the job number found in the job data on the site.
  • Click on the (OK) tab to open the employment form.
  • Enter the data requested in the form.
    • We review all data and make sure it is correct.
  • Click on the (Next) tab, then the Save option.
  • Enter the qualification data.
  • Click on the (View) tab, then the (Save) option.
  • Click on the (Confirm Order) option.

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Documents required for submission to the General Security for Women 1443

The General Administration for Admission noted the need to provide a number of documents and identification papers to accept the employment of applicants and applicants to the Public Security Institution, and they were clarified in the following points:

  • The original of the applicant’s identity card must be attached in addition to a copy of it, provided that it is valid.
  • Attach a copy of the applicant’s family card.
  • The original academic qualification certificate and a clear copy of it must be secured, provided that it is officially attested by the ministry, if it is from a third party.
  • Attach (6) personal photos of the applicant with a white background.
  • Attach a clear copy that includes the results of the achievement test and the general aptitude test issued by the National Center for Measurement.

Salary of a soldier in public security jobs 1443

The soldier’s rapture of women in public security positions begins with 3220 Saudi riyals and up to 12225 Saudi riyals These salaries are arranged based on the service schedules stipulated in the service of individuals, according to the following table:

Security Soldier Level rank of soldier in public security Senior Public Security Soldier Sergeant in Public Security Agent Sergeant in Public Security Public Security Sergeant Senior Sergeant of Public Security Chief sergeant in public security
Class (1) 3220 riyals 3395 riyals 3765 riyals 4455 riyals 5260 riyals 6180 riyals 7215 riyals
Class (2) 3350 riyals 3540 riyals 3940 riyals 4665 riyals 5510 riyals 6480 riyals 7575 riyals
Class (3) 3480 riyals 3685 riyals 4115 riyals 4875 riyals 5760 riyals 6780 riyals 7935 riyals
Class (4) 3610 riyals 3830 riyals 4290 riyals 5080 riyals 6010 riyals 7080 riyals 8295 riyals
Class (5) 3740 riyals 3975 riyals 4465 riyals 5295 riyals 6260 riyals 7380 riyals 8655 riyals
Class (6) 3870 riyals 4120 riyals 4640 riyals 5505 riyals 6510 riyals 7680 riyals 9015 riyals
Class (7) 4000 riyals 4265 riyals 4815 riyals 5715 riyals 6760 riyals 7980 riyals 9,375 riyals
Class (8) 4130 riyals 4410 riyals 4990 riyals 5925 riyals 7010 riyals 8280 riyals 9735 riyals
Class (9) 4260 riyals 4555 riyals 5165 riyals 6135 riyals 7260 riyals 8580 riyals 10095 riyals
Class (10) 4390 riyals 4700 riyals 5340 riyals 6345 riyals 7510 riyals 8880 riyals 10455 riyals
Class (11) 4520 riyals 4845 riyals 5515 riyals 6555 riyals 7760 riyals 9180 riyals 10815 riyals
Class (12) 4650 riyals 4990 riyals 5690 riyals 6765 riyals 8010 riyals 9480 riyals 11175 riyals
Class (13) 4780 riyals 5135 riyals 5865 riyals 6975 riyals 8260 riyals 9780 riyals 11535 riyals
Class (14) 4910 riyals 5280 riyals 6040 riyals 7185 riyals 8510 riyals 10080 riyals 11895 riyals
Class (15) 5040 riyals 5425 riyals 6215 riyals 7395 riyals 8760 riyals 10380 riyals 12255 riyals

Link to apply for public security jobs for women 1443

According to the official announcement issued by the General Administration of Admission in the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the provision of jobs at the rank of soldier for women will be by entering through the link “from here” and following the set of steps mentioned in the previous paragraphs, after fulfilling all the conditions and criteria that were Notification by the Ministry.

Here we bring you to the end of the article in which we talked about Public Security Jobs for Women 1443 Terms, Requirements and Link And we moved With lines and paragraphs of the article to introduce the reader to the Saudi Public Security Institution and the way to join Public Security after fulfilling the conditions and criteria for women’s jobs in Saudi Public Security.