that Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western personality styles They are numerous and differ according to their psychological and physical composition, and several tests have been conducted to reach objective results about these details that a large number of people around the world are interested in, and activists have addressed those differences to identify the psychological secrets that result from these important differences, which indicate the advantages and disadvantages Specific in each style, and through the reference website, the honorable visitor can learn about the northern, southern, eastern and western personality types, and the psychological personality types test and the compass test.

The Four Personality Styles

The personality types within which the human person has been classified, are based on a set of criteria and indicators that direct the reader or student to the state of the personality from determining the type under which it falls, as each of the four personality types carries specific characteristics that are adopted to distinguish it from other personalities in The study, and it is worth noting that personality types are very numerous and cannot be limited to a specific number, but what we are mentioning are the main types of personalities, which can be based on analysis and conclusion.[1]

The four types of personality are: the leadership personality, the analytical personality, the expressive personality, and the friendly personality, which is also what is called the pattern, and it can be limited to different names and fields that fall under the following patterns: the northern style, the southern style, the eastern style, and the active ones, in addition to the western ones. To search around in order to identify the best way, and at the same time, these characters are classified in special criteria and classifications to be dealt with in a specific manner that stems from the interests and tendencies of each of those characters, to overcome the negatives and not fall into any collision with one of them.

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Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western personality styles

Based on what is known as the division of personalities according to the compass system, people are divided into four main sections that differ among themselves in qualities and advantages, and differ in the way they are dealt with and the basic characteristics of each of the people who have these qualities. The patterns are as follows:[2]

Northern character style

It is also called the leadership style, and it is classified within the patterns of the northern section in the compass of human characters, and is characterized by a number of advantages that distinguish it from other personalities, which came as follows:

  • He possesses a strong leadership personality in various matters, although he is able to impose his control over others with the strength of his unique personality, as he cannot be a simple follower.
  • He is very interested in results, so he does not pay attention to details, but rather seeks to reap the fruits of work and not focus on the middle or path of the road.
  • He is characterized by his ability to be firm in his decisions, as he is not hesitant at all.
  • His personality is direct and clear, and he avoids distortions, arguments, etc., expresses his opinion without fear, and sets the course of issues with all seriousness.
  • He is not afraid of challenges, but can be simply drawn to a challenge. He is a person who loves excitement, enthusiasm and victory.
  • He is characterized by his ability to make decisions quickly without any hesitation in choosing the right path among a list of winding paths
  • He can be described as a dictatorship, he loves himself and is often proud of himself, and can reach a degree of condescension.
  • He looks for culture and tends to increase his level of personal culture and learn new things to open up to the world and its vast choices.
  • He is very interested in practical matters, even if that practical success comes at the expense of his family or other relationships.

Southern character style

It is one of the types of distinguished personalities according to the classifications of the four personalities compass, and is characterized by the following features:

  • He is a cooperative person who loves to work in a team and does not like to work alone.
  • He is characterized as a person who loves all people, treats everyone with the same respect and love, and has a certain number of very close people (two or three people).
  • He deserves trust, as he is someone who maintains relationships and maintains love and affection between them.
  • He is loved by everyone and is characterized by patience, kindness and calmness.
  • He does not like any kind of clash with others, and he is keen on a good relationship and a uniform distance with everyone.
  • Tolerance is very high.
  • He can appear somewhat hesitant, as he is a person who is not impulsive and takes the time to make a decision.

oriental character style

He is one of the characters of the distinctive personality compass analysis, which is characterized by many features of accuracy, and his most prominent characteristics are as follows:

  • He is a logical and rational person to a large degree, and he is interested in organizing all matters and appointments in a wide and precise manner.
  • He tends to stay away from people, he prefers calm and stay away from noise as much as possible.
  • He is an elegant and refined person who shows signs of civility and sophistication.
  • He strives to reach perfection without failure, and is always looking for success wherever he goes.
  • He cares a lot about his own things and tries as much as possible not to allow anyone to take his things, and at the same time he does not come close to anyone’s property.
  • He is careful not to offend anyone, regardless of the consequences.
  • An intelligent, dependable and strong person.

Western character style

One of the widespread personalities, and is characterized by many positive qualities that can be known through it, the most important of which are:

  • He is a person who can be described as creativity and passion for new innovations at all levels.
  • A fun person who shows fun and pleasure most of the time.
  • He is a person who has emotional traits in making decisions and often bases making those decisions on his heart.
  • He is a social person who cannot sit alone without feeling pain, as he is a person who loves to sit with others.
  • One of the downsides is that he trusts everyone very easily.
  • One of his shortcomings is that he does not keep appointments well and sometimes evades them.

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personal compass test

The personality compass test is defined as one of the distinctive tests through which it is possible to identify the type of personality and the ideal way to deal with it through full knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of those personalities.

  • Southern personality style.
  • Northern character style.
  • Oriental character style.
  • Western personality style.

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Pros of analyzing northern, southern, eastern and western personality patterns

Personality analysis greatly contributes to increasing the understanding of different people’s thinking and how to deal with them in a more positive way, after we can distinguish our strengths and weaknesses that lie on the other side of the discussion, and include the following things:

  • It contributes to increasing the level of understanding of others and reaching with them common denominators and preventing any collision or sterile controversy.
  • Access to a comfortable way of dealing with people of different personalities after recognizing their own patterns and ways to reach their favorite things.
  • Achieving successes after identifying the types of personalities that participate in our work, by building an integrated team spirit without any conflict or intolerance.
  • Recognize the weaknesses that a person possesses, and thus work to develop the negative points in the individual’s personality, and enhance the positive points to achieve broader successes.
  • Choosing the most appropriate practical path for the personality after each person gets to know his nature and psychological composition, which increases the rate of acceptance of work and increases creativity with it.
  • The practical contribution to building an ideal and educated society, due to the dissemination of the natural culture of difference and dealing with that culture with the utmost positive, as it is a constructive and not a destructive difference.

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Comparison analysis of personality patterns

It is one of the distinguished comparisons in the study of northern, southern, eastern and western personality types, as it clarifies the basic differences between the different personality types, in order to reach the best options in positive dealing with them, and it came in the following order:

North-south character comparison

Many people rely on the results of that comparison to identify the difference in characteristics between the northern personality and the southern personality, which were briefly explained in the following table:

Nordic style (men/women) Southern style (men/women)
She has high levels of self-confidence. You have certain levels of confidence
His focus is on goals Depends on his focus on people
He cares a lot about results Pay attention to comments before achieving results
It is characterized by strong determination and determination .ّّ.. بال………….
Quick and likes to move right away slow
from emphatic people From non-confrontational people

Comparison of eastern-western character analysis

A number of results are built in the origins of dealing with both characters based on that distinctive comparison, where the reader notices that there are deep differences between the two personalities, which requires a specific way to deal with each of them, according to the following table:

oriental character style Western character style
Can be classified as a conservative person He is categorized as a creative person
He cares a lot about civilization and its pursuit He cares a lot about enthusiasm and instant success
Marks of organization and order are noted on it Marks of instant innovation are noted on it
He cares a lot about perfection and plans He notices a free spirit who doesn’t enjoy rules
It is based on established systems It is based on creating new options
You can count on him for everything It’s a bit messy

Personality types in psychology

How to deal with the four personality styles

The main characters are dealt with according to a fixed approach based on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the characters under test, as many people prefer these methods of dealing to prevent any collision in the future, and the rules are as follows:

Dealing with the northern personality style

It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the feelings that they carry and to show them widely to all other types of personalities, and the three categories are dealt with according to the following criteria:

  • with western style: It is necessary not to scrutinize everything he does, and it is better to give the other type the complete freedom to act and listen with him in a special enthusiastic atmosphere.
  • with oriental style: You have to be ready to convince him of the number, the document and the strong reference, and you have to treat him with caution to reach long understandings.
  • with southern style: This type of person must be dealt with with a distinctive poetic, after knowing all the details about them.

Dealing with oriental personality style

You must be more tactful in choosing vocabulary and words in your conversation with others, and you must increase the time of interaction with people on a daily basis, according to the following characters:

  • with nordic style: You should pay attention to the results in particular, and you should be completely focused with this person during the conversation.
  • with western style: This person expects more enthusiasm and attention from you, so you should take the initiative to meet him according to those characteristics and situations.
  • with oriental style: Paying attention to the feelings that you carry towards him, as you must take into account those feelings and work to restore the state of sadness he is experiencing.

Dealing with Western personality style

You must commit to focusing on the conversations of others, and listening well to what they are talking about without neglecting anyone. The following is a set of tips in dealing with the rest of the characters:

  • with nordic style: It is necessary to pay attention to work and obtain tangible positive results, and to avoid justification and apology, as he is a rational person.
  • with oriental style: Focus on documenting the hadith with facts, figures and strong references, as he is someone who loves that way of dealing and persuasion.
  • with southern style: You have to be nice to this special character, and try hard to keep his feelings tender so as not to hurt him.

Dealing with the southern personality style

You must be gentle in dealing with him, and his feelings must be taken into account and cared for widely, and the most important tips for dealing are:

  • with nordic style: It is necessary to commit to talking about work within the work, and not to deviate from the path of logic in dealing during the official preoccupation, as he is a serious person.
  • with oriental style: You must adhere to the tasks assigned, and dialogue with this person with documents and numbers to be able to convince him.
  • with western style: This person should notice signs of interest and positive interaction in you, so that your movements are fast and perfectly coordinated.

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Flexibility in dealing with personality types

Within the context of the article about northern, southern, eastern and western personality patterns, we must stop with the method of dealing flexibly with those characters, as a person must be flexible in dealing with all other personality types, flexibility is fundamentally different from hypocrisy, and contributes to increasing the chance of obtaining goals. And ambitions of positive contact with people, based on the following:[3]

  • The person must identify the personal patterns and tests that are based on the division of human personalities and their main traits.
  • A person wishing to have positive relationships must know his psychological pattern, and know himself and the negative things in him before the positive ones in order to appreciate people’s feelings and decisions.
  • It is important for a person to be aware of all the negatives that people have to pass through them without crashing.
  • Develop negative matters in his own personality and work to develop them after clearly identifying them, so that dealing with others is free of any negative negativity.
  • Focus on building and strengthening strengths in the character, and repairing weaknesses after touching them accurately and clearly.
  • Building an important cultural structure, able to attract and draw the attention of all personalities to you, and able to flexibly pass over mistakes to avoid falling into any of them while talking with one of the other types of personalities.

Here we bring you to the end of the article we covered Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western personality styles And we moved through the lines and paragraphs to introduce all the patterns of the main characters and the definition of the characteristics of each character, and we moved to the personal compass test to finally conclude with the ways of dealing with characters and ways to gain flexibility in dealing with people, and all of the above information about the personality based on the studies of psychologists, which build on samples and circulated accordingly.