Citizens wondered about New Social Security 1443 Calculation Method and Conditions for Entitlement,These are one of the distinctive services that the Saudi government sponsors for a wide number of citizens within the country’s borders. Through this program, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development works to increase the living efficiency of the Saudi citizen who is unable to secure the basics of a decent life, by providing him a helping hand. For his family members, and through the reference website, the dear visitor can learn about the conditions of entitlement to the new developed Social Security 1443 sbi and the method by which the new social security salary can be calculated after introducing the new developed social security system.

New Developer Social Security 1443 sbis

The new social security system in force in Saudi Arabia is an integrated system based on specific principles and fixed rules in working to achieve the objectives of social protection and decent living for all citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through sponsoring the provision of material and financial support and a set of rehabilitation services And training and other basics that help the citizen to be qualified for employment and work, and it is funded through Saudi zakat funds to reach the people who deserve those amounts. to support themselves according to special eligibility conditions.[1]

It is worth noting that the new social security program is subject to the management and arrangement of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered one of the most prominent and most important ministries with social activity in the Kingdom, which took place after King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s decision to merge the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Affairs The social system is in one integrated institution under the name of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which provides assistance and facilities to all the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and works to find programs that would increase the productivity situation and raise the capabilities of the Saudi citizen to work and participate in nation-building.

New Social Security salary scale 1443

New Social Security Calculation Method 1443

The method of calculating the new social security is based on a number of criteria in determining the amount of money allocated to each humanitarian case in accordance with the standards and regulations in force, and is based on the following order:[2]

  • The step begins in calculating the new social security by determining the pension for both the independent and the family, by collecting the value of the income earned for all family members, which is known as the monthly income.
  • We deduct (50%) from the value of the monthly income of all family members and add this to the total unearned income from government subsidies, provided that we exclude support programs and programs for people with disabilities, according to the new rules of the developed social security system.
  • We are based on the process of comparing the income that was calculated in the minimum limits calculated for the pension according to the monthly entitlement that was approved for the number of family members, which was declared by the Ministry of Human Development and was valued at 1100 riyals for the family member and 550 riyals for each member of the family.
  • Important notes: The Ministry of Social Development and Human Resources had noted a number of important observations in adopting the new social security calculation according to the rules that are being worked on, as follows:

    • The ministry will start studying eligibility requests for new applicants only during the month of December of this year, and the ministry will accordingly deposit their first pension in January of next year.
    • The person entitled to the guarantee program may file an objection request against the eligibility decision within a period of time not exceeding 30 days, from the date of receiving the official notification of the decision of the Ministry of Resources, so that the committee ensures that the objection request is reviewed and decided upon in accordance with the rules and procedures.

Who are the beneficiaries of Social Security 1443 and what are the conditions for entitlement to social security

New Social Security eligibility conditions 1443

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development noted a number of conditions for the applicant to obtain acceptance in social security, where the eligibility includes each of the following categories, according to the new social security:

  • The person applying for social security must be a holder of Saudi nationality and have permanent residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provided that each of the following categories is excluded:
    • The wife of a Saudi citizen: The wife of a Saudi citizen can obtain a social security pension if she meets the conditions and if she has a valid residence in Saudi Arabia and is able to secure documents that prove her marriage to a Saudi citizen.
    • A divorced Saudi citizen with Saudi children: This woman can obtain social security if she has children from her Saudi husband, if she resides in Saudi Arabia with her children permanently and she has a valid residence, provided that she submits all documents that prove her eligibility to obtain on material support.
    • The widowed woman with Saudi children: The widow of a Saudi citizen can obtain social security assistance if she has children from her husband, resided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia permanently, and has a valid residency, after submitting all documents that prove her need for support. materialistic.
    • Children of a divorced Saudi woman and a Saudi widow who married a non-Saudi man: This category has the right to obtain financial support in the event that her marriage to a non-Saudi foreigner is proven with official and signed documents, provided that her children have resided permanently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after obtaining residency Valid, and after submitting evidence of her eligibility for financial support.
    • Persons with Disabilities: A person with a disability enters the social security program if he provides evidence of his physical disability with official and signed reports.
    • Orphaned children: Orphaned children receive social security care if they provide proof of their condition, and they pass other security conditions.
    • Widowed women with orphans who have mobility cards, and they are one of the categories of support in the social security, as these widows are entitled to the status of financial support if the orphans have valid transportation cards.
  • Achieving the income criteria is required, provided that the income calculated for the family or the person benefiting from the guarantee is less than the calculated minimum pension.
  • The criteria for owning and using wealth must apply to the beneficiary, in the manner defined and approved by the new social security regulations.
  • The beneficiary is required to fulfill the official requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which include each of the following:
    • the health.
    • education.
    • Qualification.
    • Community service.

What is the new Social Security priority card for seniors

How much is the new Social Security salary 1443

The value of the new Social Security salary It varies according to the number of people in the family who benefit from this guaranteeThe value of social security salaries ranges between 1,000 Saudi riyals to 5,000 Saudi riyals, and this salary includes a large number of families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after fulfilling the conditions and criteria for obtaining this material support that guarantees them a decent life. It is calculated based on the number of family members, and is as follows:

Number of people in the family Special Social Security Amount
One person 1,000 SAR
two people 1,285 SAR
three persons 1,570 SAR
four people 1,855 SAR
five people 2,140 SAR
six people 2,420 SAR
seven people 2,710 SAR
eight people 3,000 SAR
nine people 3,280 SAR
ten people 3,560 SAR
eleven people 3,840 SAR
twelve people 4,130 SAR
thirteen people 4,410 SAR
fourteen people 4,700 SAR
fifteen people 5,000 SAR

Activating the new developed social security system 1443

When will the new Social Security assistance stop 1443

The new regulations in force in social security included a number of cases from which support will be suspended as stipulated in the articles regulating social security 1443 AH, and they include the following:

  • The beneficiary is separated if one of the eligibility conditions is absent from the beneficiary while receiving that service.
  • All social security benefits are canceled for a person who enters incorrect information about the beneficiary or a member of his family.
  • The cancellation will take place when the person benefiting from the guarantee is late in updating his data within a period of up to thirty days, from the date he was informed of the update request by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development.
  • Cancellation is also made in the event that it is proven that the person has not adhered to the rehabilitation plan that was worked on, if it is proven that he is capable of rehabilitation.
  • If it is proven that the person benefiting from the guarantee is able to work, according to one of the following conditions:
    • The person did not take any steps to find a job.
    • The beneficiary does not accept the offers of work or training that he receives.
    • Not registering any applications or applying to employment platforms that have been officially approved by the Ministry of Human Resources or the like by the beneficiary.
  • The service will be canceled if the beneficiary is permanently residing in one of the accommodation or treatment centers.
  • It is canceled in the event of the death of the beneficiary or when he personally renounces the security pension.

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How to register for the new Social Security 1443

Persons who have met the conditions and criteria for the coverage of the new social security program can initiate the registration of their applications through the following electronic steps:

  • Entering the official website of the new warranty system directly “from here”.
  • Click on the “New Registration” option, which is located in the Login tab.
  • Enter the national ID number, then write the date of birth of the applicant.
  • Create a password for the new account and then work on the password confirmation procedures.
  • Type the verification code that appears on the screen, then accept the statement.
  • Click on the “Register” option, then follow the instructions to confirm the user.
  • Carrying out the integrated entry registration procedures at the escrow gate after completing the registration procedures.
  • Click on (the unified file), which is located in the top bar.
  • Continue entering and writing the required information in the fields designated for each of them.
  • Work on all data verification procedures and then submit them.
  • Click on the option (go to fill in the home data) from the site options.
  • Continue filling in the required data, then return to the account interface.
  • See the list of available Social Security programs.
  • Apply for the appropriate program.

Read and download the new social security system PDF

Visitors to the honorable reference website can download the new developed social security with all its details, rules and eligibility conditions, to view all the criteria for the security procedures by following the following steps:

  • Entering the official website of the Social Security System pdf directly “from here”.
  • Stay in the specified link until the Internet browser finishes downloading the file.
  • Click on the “Save As” option, then choose the download path.
  • Click the Save button when finished.

New Social Security Resolutions 1443

Developed Social Security Website Link sbis 1443

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has made available all electronic windows that ensure that information reaches everyone who searches for it. Visitors to our dear website can enter the official website of social security via the link, which guarantees them complete inquiries about registration and inquiry procedures About Social Security and learn how to calculate the new Social Security.

Here we have come with you to the end of the article we talked about The method of calculating the new Social Security 1443 and terms of eligibility Between the lines and the paragraphs, so that the visiting brother has seen the social security and its new updates and the method of calculating the guarantee and the new social security salary after the development, to finally conclude with a special link to download the social security in the form of a pdf file.